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Mobile Ticketing


Bluebird’s mobile ticketing solution allows instant ticket purchase and validation on the spot.

Bluebird proudly presents you the smart mobile ticketing solution that gives benefits such as instant reporting and
faster payments without needing to resort to stationary ticket vending machines and heavy duty scanning equipment.
This means that waiting in line for tickets is a thing of the past for customers while agencies are able to drastically
reduce the cost of their operations. Optimize your operation by validating customer’s tickets on mobile computers and raise your data capturing capacity.


In the operating train, a conductor is checking passengers’ tickets. But, Jenna, one of the passengers, has completely forgotten to purchase a ticket.

She doesn’t have a mobile device with her or know where the ticket booth is. Jenna is in panic when the conductor approaches her. These are some of the challenges passengers riders face today.


Lines at the ticket offices or machines are a source of frustration for every public transit rider.

Allow passengers to skip the line and free up staff to better allocate their time to better assist passengers. With fewer people choosing to pay with cash, mobile ticketing can accommodate much wider payment methods and bring convenience to customers.


· Digital ticketing allows fraud checks and instant purchases

· Advanced data capturing modules with rapid data processor

· Reduce the cost of sales and operations

· Give convenience to passengers by expanding the available ticketing options.