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Passenger Seat Display


Maximize the revenue potential by equipping every seat with Bluebird’s tablet products.
Provide your passengers with a stunning display that provides information on travel route, promotions, digital signage and more.

To flourish in the competitive passenger travel industry, agencies must look beyond traditional management practices.
Maximize your revenue and increase customer satisfaction with Bluebird’s passenger seats display solution.
Some of the features include: entertainment, information on travel route, flight tracker, etc. It is available in railways, airlines, buses, ferries, taxis, car pool and more.


Railway, airline and other carrier companies need to learn how to maximize the revenue potential of every seat and departure, and concentrating on revenue management.

The key is in meeting customer’s needs; it all depends on their service experience.


Bluebird provides a sophisticated passenger seats display solution, to help companies in the passenger travel industry with better service tools and applications.

Entertainment plays a large role in filling seats. Give your passengers more to do during their travel; provide access to movies, video games, music, travel guide and information, promotions, and use them for promotions.

Improve your customer’s time in the air and on the ground. Expand your service offerings and make your customers travel pleasant and convenient.


· Higher customer satisfaction with various entertainment programs

· Maximize the revenue potential of every seat and departure

· Flexible accessories for use in transportation