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The Retail Experience Made Simple

The retail landscape is going through a radical transformation.
While shopping experiences are seamlessly integrated through mobility, operating in real-time across all shopping
channels with streamlined work flows has become a key consideration for retailers.

Bluebird’s advanced solutions, with technologies developed from an accumulation of years of hands-on experience for
years, are the ultimate simplifiers of complex retail businesses processes

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Mobile access to the store
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An improved in-store
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Simplify Your Daily Operations
and Focus on Customers

  1. 01 - Mobile Point-of-Sale
  2. 02 - Buy Online, Pick Up in Store
  3. 03 - Customer Engagement & Sales
  4. 04 - POS & Counter Management
  5. 05 - Merchandising & Inventory Management
  6. 06 - Warehouse Management
  7. 07 - Fleet Management
  8. 08 - Self-Shopping/Gift Card Registry
  9. 09 - Staff Collaboration & Communication
  10. 10 - Competitive Prising (Price Update)
  11. 11 - Loyalty & Membership & Gift Cards
  12. 12 - Device & Asset Management
  13. 13 - Associate's Task Management
  14. 14 - Data Driven Decision

RFID in Retail

In retail, RFID technology has moved beyond the drawing board as retailers such as Google, Walmart, Virgin,
and Coca Cola, who have already implemented RFID for inventory accuracy and replenishment, start to
acknowledge the numerous benefits it reaps. The use of RFID readers will help improve both customer service
and back-office functions, speeding up inventory procedures and in-store processes with real-time
information and, crucially, greater customer satisfaction. In our fast-paced world, customers do not like to
be kept waiting at checkouts, so RFID enables them to get through them much quicker. This goes a long way
to improving customer experience.

The implementation of RFID readers and real-time analytics opens up completely new opportunities for
retailers to gain deeper insights into their in-store operations and how to actively manage them.

Best-in-class RFID Technology

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