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Purpose Built for the Professionals


Bluebird BOS™(Business Optimizing Solution) is professional end-to-end mobility solutions for enterprises.

BOS™ is a comprehensive suite of business solutions and services that provides enterprises a holistic way
to develop, implement and manage mobile devices and applications.

BOS™ Overview

Professional end-to-end mobility solutions for enterprises

Who Needs BOS™?

  • who need efficient solutions and system

    IT Managers

    IT managers have an important mission to quickly deploy the right solutions and devices, and to simplify and streamline management of thousands of devices to reduce downtime. They need reliable solutions, professional support, and efficient managing tools.

  • who needs speed and accuracy

    Field Workers & Professionals

    Mobile workforce need high-performance devices that can support professional applications with business features. They need specialized solutions that enable real-time data sharing and collaboration to get work done faster and efficiently.

  • who needs innovative solutions

    C-Level Managers

    Executives and managers who are struggling to grow their business need innovative ideas that can eliminate unnecessary steps and simplify the work process to save cost and time. We provide the technology, know-how and vision that help companies achieve their goals.