Integrated Solution for Enterprise Mobile Management

(Enterprise Mobility Management)

BOS™ NEST provides security and control for mobile applications, contents, and devices in
corporate-owned and BYOD environments. It is purpose-built for enterprises to configure, manage,
update and secure mobile devices (MDM), applications (MAM) and contents (MCM).

BOS™ NEST delivers visibility and lets IT admin stay in control of multiple mobile devices in their system,
regardless of type of devices or operating systems, all from a single dashboard– enabling access control for shared
devices and managing user ID and device groups.
From deployment to retirement, BOS™ NEST makes it easy to manage mobile devices
and mobilize the workforce to gain competitive advantage, while maintaining corporate data security.

  • Device Enrollment
    Device Enrollment is part of the BOS™ NEST, which helps IT departments easily deploy and configure device settings. BOS™ NEST provides a fast, streamlined way to deploy mobile devices and help you get started.
  • MDM
    (Mobile Device
    BOS™ NEST supports a variety of device control functions, including the ability to set up the device profile and apply profiles to multiple devices based on device groups, which makes the device management process faster and more efficient. The dashboard gives administrators a quick view into real-time device fleet data, which enables quick response to the downtime that can be occurred during the deployments or update of the devices. BOS™ NEST also provides device management to monitor applications on devices to improve the workforce efficiency and ensure smooth performance.
  • MCM
    (Mobile Content
    Businesses can protect and manage the contents for corporate devices with Mobile Content Management (MCM) solution that provides capabilities to manage the content based on the types of repositories. BOS™ NEST Mobile Content Management dashboard offers list view, deployment options, and management options which can be used to deploy, sync, edit, and delete the content.
  • MAM
    (Mobile Application
    BOS™ NEST Mobile Application Management (MAM) allows enterprise to distribute, manage, and protect applications on a wide range of corporate mobile devices. Administrators are also able to utilize selective updates by user group and distribute app catalogs.
  • Device Security
    BOS™ NEST enables to verify user and device in accordance with enterprise security policies to protect the confidential business information and prevent data loss. Businesses can enhance the level of security by checking the latest security patches, and providing data encryption and certificate management between validated and invalidated apps.
    BOS™ NEST offers comprehensive user management through device & user management option to efficiently handle an extensive platform to monitor, secure and manage device fleet. To make overall management streamlined and efficient, BOS™ NEST allows adding multiple administrators, customizing their permissions by assigning them to groups, functions or specific features