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A fast, Streamlined Way to Deploy Mobile Devices

BOS™ Provisioning

BOS™ Provisioning is Bluebird’s mobile provisioning solution that brings management capabilities you need to maximize efficiency in the provisioning function.

It provides the initial provision and the ability to set and automatically enforce policies that keep your devices with the latest software and settings.

Key Benefits

  • Faster Deployment

  • Update On Your

  • Tailored for
    Your Mobile Devices

  • Manage Segmented

BOS™ Provisioning

  • Challenge
    When you deploy mobile devices in your enterprise, the first challenge is the initial device setup and security provisioning for hardware. From device and network settings to disabling certain applications and creating user-based information, each device must be configured and optimized for specific workflow and compliance requirements.
    However, this task can be error-prone and also time and labor consuming. It overburdens IT staff as the number of device becomes hundreds or thousands, resulting in high costs and low efficiency.
  • Solution
    Bluebird BOS™ Provisioning is designed to make the installation process faster and simpler, allowing customers to have all their devices ready for use as easy as possible. Once you create a staging file with all the required configurations, device settings and applications, devices will automatically configure themselves whether you connect devices to PC or simply scan a QR code without manual procedures.


System Setting Set Display(Rotation, Brightness, Lock Screen)/Time/Language/Touch Type/Ethernet/Volume/PTT/Scan Key
/Screen Saver & Etc.
Wi-Fi Setting Set roaming Country/Channel/Available Notification
Application Setting App Disable/EnablePre-Install Apps

Compatible Products

Android & Windows