수 많은 결제기의 도입부터 관리까지
완벽히 책임지는 필수 솔루션

(Terminal Management System)

수 만대의 결제 디바이스를
도입부터 원격 관리까지

BOS™ TMS는 은행, 정부 등에서 배포한 수 많은 블루버드의 결제 단말기들을 중앙에서 안전하게 관리하기 위한 툴로
결제, 단말기의 도입을 위한 Staging/Provisioning과 디바이스 관리기능을 모두 제공하는 통합 솔루션입니다.

  • BOS™ TMS is a comprehensive terminal
    management solution that provides end-to-end security management and remote software updates and control from initial staging, provisioning and management. It is a tool for centralized and secure management of Bluebird payment terminals across any geographical regions in the world.

  • The POS fleets can be remotely controlled
    via IP / Dial UP / GPRS without the need for on-site engineer visits to install updates or resolve in-store issues. Remote support by various communication methods makes it convenient and easy for merchants to manage their terminals.

  • BOS™ TMS enables up to 25,000 devices
    to be managed simultaneously. From OS upgrades to application updates, remote diagnostics and online help desk, Bluebird removes the cost and complexity associated with managing in-store POS terminals. Extend terminal capabilities in the field with comprehensive remote hardware/software management with Bluebird BOS™ TMS.

BOS™ TMS Overview

  • 장비관리

  • 소프트웨어

  • 다운로드 관리

  • 계정관리

  • 장비관리
    장비 환경설정
    터미널 상태 모니터링
  • 소프트웨어
    펌웨어, 어플리케이션, 키 관리
  • 다운로드 관리
    업그레이드 소프트웨어 다운로드
    전체 및 일부 다운로드,
    압축 패키지 지원
  • 계정관리
    관리자 인증 및 권한 설정
    시스템 관리


WEB-based B/S architecture makes it easy to maintain and upgrade the system and allows users to perform business management anywhere at anytime.
Enables users to manage tens of thousands or even millions of POS terminals.
Allows users to manage a variety of terminal software resources: OS, font libraries, dynamic libraries, applications, parameters and data files.
Supports remote update of software resources on PAX Monitor, Monitor Plus and Prolin.
Supports a variety of parameter formats and allows expansion.
Supports a variety of communications: Dial-up, LAN, GPRS, CDMA, WIFI, PPP, etc.
Supports simultaneous downloads and cluster deployments.
Significantly improves concurrent processing capabilities.