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Receiving and Sortation


Fulfill orders cost-effectively by receiving and sorting inbound materials accurately.

In the receiving and sortation process, accuracy and efficiency determine all downstream workflows.
It is critical that accurate data entry is achieved in order to prevent costly errors.
Bluebird’s solution makes accurate sortation possible with comprehensive barcode scanning.
Boost quality control and vendor compliance by decreasing out of stock conditions in your warehouse,
receiving and sorting inbound materials, and fulfilling customer orders.


Sometimes, barcodes are damaged or and they are difficult to read. Without immediate action and accurate data from the start, you cannot safeguard your downstream workflows. Identifying shortages and enhancing traceability can prevent negative impact on your ability to respond to customer demand.


Bluebird’s solution can help you reduce the costs associated with receiving, sorting, order fulfillment, route delivery and order accuracy. Capture data real time and communicate it to your warehouse management system. With our accurate scanning, the exact location of the package can be tracked, ensuring accuracy and productivity in your warehouse. Capture and send information anytime and anywhere in your warehouse ? manifest parcel, automate order packing and increase profitability.


· Advanced data capturing modules with rapid data processor

· Ensure traceability for inbound materials

· Accelerate the identification of shortages, discrepancies or damages