Rugged Handheld Computer


Introducing EF551, full-rugged enterprise 5G mobile computer
with the best specifications and performance designed to build on the success of the EF series.

EF551 users can be used to deliver information faster and more reliably based on 5G and Wi-Fi 6E,
the latest wireless technologies beyond 4G LTE.
It features the next generation Qualcomm 6490 octa-core process,
and is basically equipped with Android OS version 12, which can be upgraded to version 15.

Highest performance for greater work efficiency

Adopting Octa-Core Processor and Qualcomm Snapdragon®, the best CPU for enterprise and Android 12 which is upgradeable to Android 16, EF551 Series makes workers do business faster and more securely, enhancing work efficiency. QC6490 of EF551 Series also offers approximately 90% faster data processing speed than SD660.

The Latest & Fast Network

EF551 has 2x2 Multiple-User Multiple Input Multiple Output (MU-MIMO) technology. You can communicate with multiple devices by pinpoint beamforming.
With Wifi-6E, 5G and CBRS LTE network support, EF551 provides fast and efficient network speed even at large facilities.
In particular, 5G supports not only fast speed but also high location accuracy.

Two-way communication without location restrictions

If you use BOS™ PTT(Push-to-Talk), which is the subscription type PTT Essential service, you can communicate with other people regardless of location.
BOS™ PTT makes people exchange calls and messages by Wi-Fi network.

Wide range of convenient scanning capabilities

The standard range scanner, the SE4720, allows quick and easy scanning from up to 60 cm (24 inches) away.
You can choose the optional SE4770 Scan Engine / 
SE55 Advanced Range.
Large barcodes can be easily scanned with wide barcode recognition. 1D/2D barcode scanning provides a wide range of scans, from barcodes in your hands to barcodes across your room, which significantly boosts productivity.

RFID Expansion Opportunities for Customers

The RFR reader series has been chosen by numerous global SPA brands. The RFR series, a bluebird RFID reader, has a lightweight, ergonomic design. The RFR reader series attaches to Bluebird’s mobile computer manually via the rear pogo interface. Furthermore, end users can experience the values of RFID tag reading as this extra peripheral reads 1,300 tags per second.


CPU 2.7 GHz Octa Core Processor (QC6490)
OS Android 12;
Upgradeable to Android 16
Memory 4GB RAM/ 64GB UFS Flash
8GB RAM/ 128GB UFS Flash (Optional)
Dimensions 159.9 x 79 x 16.65 mm
166.45 x 85.79 x 23.06 mm (Rugged SKU 1)
166.35 x 83.5 x 22.8 mm (Rugged SKU 2)
Weight 284.5 g
332 g (Rugged SKU)
Display 5.45” FHD+ (2160x1080)
Communication 5G, Wi-Fi 6E
Drop Spec Multiple 5 ft./1.5 m drop to concrete over -10° C to 50°C (14° F to 122° F) per MIL-STD 810H

(Ultra Rugged SKU)
Multiple 8 ft./2.4 m drop to concrete at room temperature per MIL-STD 810H
Multiple 6 ft./1.8 m drop to concrete across full operating temperature range,

EN 62262 (IKO6)
Tumble Spec 1000 1.6 ft./0.5 m tumbles, meets or exceeds IEC tumble specification
2000 3.2 ft./1.0 m tumbles; (Rugged SKU), meets or exceeds IEC tumble specifications
* The above specification does not constitute an offer within the meaning of the law. The product specifications may vary depending on the version (sub-model) and configuration of the product.