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Improving Efficiency and the Quality of Care

Bluebird delivers tools for staff collaboration, administration, and patient identification, which enhance patient safety while improving the productivity of staff members. These tools also enable tracking of your assets and more efficient use of resources. Bluebird’s mobile solutions enable physicians and nurses to spend more time at the patient’s bedside rather than in front of a computer.

Real-Time Visibility and Patient Safety

Real-time visibility of information improves quality of care and saves lives.

In healthcare, mobile access to information can make a difference in saving lives. Use of bar code scanning identifies patients, verifies treatments and medications, and tracks specimens — reducing manual errors and having a positive impact on the quality of care and patient safety.

Operational Efficiency

Connected nurses and clinicians can spend more time bedside with the patient and less time at a computer.

Mobile technology and the use of bar codes and RFID streamline everything from patient record keeping and drug administration to inventory control and asset tracking. Hospital staff can spend more time with patients and access records right at the bedside, reducing the time spent on paperwork.

Staff Collaboration

Efficient staff communication and collaboration result in better care and faster decisions.

Tablets and handheld devices from Bluebird connect clinicians, nurses, and other hospital staff to the information they need — right at the patient’s bedside. Mobile technology with support for push-to-talk significantly enhances staff collaboration and communication, resulting in better and more efficient patient care.