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Creating the Ultimate Shopping Experience

Bluebird’s solutions let you impress customers with product knowledge, well-stocked shelves, and fast checkout.
With real-time inventory and product information at your employees’ fingertips and the ability to process
payments on a mobile device, customers will enjoy personalized service and less wait time.

Learn how Bluebird can simplify retail experience

Stay Close to Customers

Stay close to customers and identify their needs even before they do.

Today’s customers are wirelessly connected, and they are often well informed about the products retailers offer. While in the store, customers are ready to dive into the product details, and they expect the payment process to be quick and painless.

Empowered by Bluebird, sales associates can become product experts, and they can quickly check availability and process payments without leaving the customer’s side. Customers enjoy less waiting time and more personalized service, resulting in more sales and repeat business.

Real-Time Visibility

Real-time, mobile access to inventory and product information increases retail staff productivity.

Bluebird’s handheld devices provide store associates with product and inventory information right at their fingertips, significantly increasing productivity and freeing up resources to focus on customer service and selling.

With increased inventory visibility, store managers can make sure that the shelves are always well stocked.

Connected Retail

Mobile solutions save time and labor costs while improving communication with customers and staff.

Bluebird enables retailers to stay connected with both staff and customers by providing mobile access to store systems, inventory, and product information. It makes the shopping experience smoother and generates more sales while bringing down the labor cost. The use of handheld devices improves staff collaboration with support for push-to-talk communication.

With mobile devices in use, retailers can focus on mobile apps that strengthen the customer experience and device management solutions that streamline the operation.

Success Story

  • Shinsegae Inc.

    In-store Shopping Experience Improved
    with Mobile POS

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  • Leroy Merlin

    Sharpening the competitiveness
    to the verge of new leap forward

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  • Trial Company

    Mobile access to store system drives
    operational efficiency and productivity

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